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TheFitLife Nordic Anti Shock Hiking Trail Poles: Most Durable Pick

Made of pure aluminum, TheFitLife Nordic Anti Shock Hiking Poles are sturdy and built to last for almost a lifetime. They are versatile and can be used in all terrains as well as by people of all heights. While these poles are strong and also come with a wide range of exemplary features such as shock absorption, comfort and adjustability, they are comparatively more affordable than other trekking sticks of the same strength and versatility.

Shock Absorption

TheFitLife Nordic Anti Shock Trekking Trail Poles are made from Six Series Aviation Grade Aluminum material and fitted with a shock absorption mechanism. The shock absorption feature of any trekking pole relieves the shock from your hand, arm and shoulders hence ensuring a painless hike. Moreover, it helps to reduce the shock on the shafts of the trekking poles making them more long lasting.

Wide Range of Great Adjustability

As a collapsible type of hiking poles, these poles have a wide range of adjustability hence ideal for women and children. The TheFitLife Nordic Mountaineering Trekking Poles can extend to a maximum length of 53.1 inches which is ideal for hikers who are over 6 feet tall. On the other hand, the trekking poles can be reduced to 25.5 inches hence ideal for children. Just like the name suggests, TheFitLife Trekking Poles are ideal for very steep terrains. Simply make it shorter when climbing up and longer when coming down steep mountains or hills and experience the comfort, balance and stability.