PVC Garden hose

  • No worries about leaks: TheFitLife hose with the 3 layered structure gives extra thickness and strength when compared with others. The reinforced outer casing gives excellent resistance to wear and tear and cracking, so there is greater protection from possible damage from sharp objects around your garden It is extremely flexible, you can use the hose everywhere anytime with confidence and free from the worry of a damaged or leaking hose, or the need to purchase a replacement.
  • Use your hose in all weather: The hose is covered with a special outer casing that is UV-resistant. The inner tube is made of environmentally friendly material, lead-free and safe for you and your family. The hose can stand up to temperatures of between 10 to 140 °F. You can use it in all weather, no matter if it's sunny or cold weather.
  • Save your energy with the swivel fitting: The hose is equipped with a unique swivel fitting and a robust protection sleeve. To ensure a leak free connection, simply hold the grip and connect it to the faucet. The swivel fitting and hose can rotate independently, so it can uncoil before a kink appears. Simply hold the grip and pull the hose out, the hose can rotate automatically and resist twists, so you don't need to adjust the hose repeatedly like when using a traditional rubber hose.
  • Enjoy your hose with full water pressure: With the larger outlet, the hose can hold up to 200 psi W.P. No more frustration caused by a low water flow, enjoy caring for your garden with TheFitLife hose and excellent water pressure and flow.
  • Effortless use with a multi-function nozzle: The hose comes with an 8-pattern multi-function nozzle. Versatile enough to meet all your gardening requirements. The thumb control and 8 function dial design of the sprayer nozzle allows for continuous water release and pressure change with one simple movement. Easy to use and much less stress on the hand. 8 Patterns are perfect for all your gardening and watering requirements, including car washing, pet bathing, or pool cleaning and so on.
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