1/2 new PVC

Product Description :

  • Slimmer and Lighter. TheFitLife garden hose is 30% lighter than traditional hoses. It is more flexible and very easy to maneuver and drag on the ground. Suitable for everyone, especially our grandparents can handle all kinds of outdoor tasks with ease.
  • Further and Faster. 1/2” inner diameter ensures sufficient water flow, with 50% larger outlet than hose like stainless steel hose and it will not retract or lose water pressure like the expandable hose. It holds up to 200 psi W.P. Save up your time and energy with a steady and adequate water pressure offered by our hose pipe.
  • Smoother and Safer. Both ends of the water hoses are equipped with 360° swivel fitting, which enables the hose and connectors to rotate independently. Avoid kinks at connection and protect the hose from breaking if it bends suddenly at the faucet or attachment end, effectively supports smooth water flow. Keep yourself out of the annoying tangles.
  • Longer Lasting. TheFitLife hose uses an upgraded burst and leak proof construction, ensuring a long lifespan. The reinforced hose offers superior resistance to wear, tear, and puncture. You can confidently use the hose anywhere and anytime.
  • Better environmental protection. The water pipe is covered with a high quality rubber outer that is UV-resistant. The inner tube is made of environmentally friendly material, lead-free and safe for you and your family. The hose can stand up to temperatures of between 10 to 140 °F. You can use it in all weather, no matter if it's sunny or cold weather.
  • Broader application. Convenient for watering flowers, washing cars, bathing pets, etc..Ideal for outside house/yard/garage/patio/floor cleaning, suits for home, farm and ranch use. Available in 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet and they are connectable to achieve a longer length.
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